Pregnancy, birth and beyond

Pregnancy, birth and beyond

There has always been uncertainty on whether it’s safe to exercise during pregnancy. Research has shown that keeping physically active during pregnancy can improve the health of both mum and baby. However, it’s all about finding the right physical activity for your body. Our Prenatal Clinical Pilates in Parramatta has a wide range of benefits during and after pregnancy due to it’s low impact on the body.

These benefits include but not limited to:

  • Improved flexibility
  • Core strengthening
  • Improved hip stability
  • Upper body and lower body strengthening
  • Improves balance
  • Reduces strain

These are all important areas for pregnancy, childbirth and postnatal recovery.

Adaptable exercises to suit you

Our prenatal Pilates exercises are adaptable and can be altered to accommodate your changing body throughout all three trimesters and aims to prepare you for a faster recovery once your bundle of joy arrives. With our Clinical Pilates based in Parramatta, there are plenty of options and modifications for every stage of pregnancy. We design the exercises to help you dive deeper to discover and strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles. Breathing techniques will also be included to help you with labour. You will also be taught gentle stretching and mobility techniques.

Each week your exercises will be progressed into new positions that are challenging for you in a safe and effective way.

Whether you are feeling on top of the world or struggling with pregnancy aches, our instructors are here to support you.

Our aim is to empower you through education, strength, and knowledge.